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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 16, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. ♪ straight ahead, a d.c. d.c. officer under investigationtiga after this video goes viral online showing him pinning ang a woman against a patrol car. car what could have led to the the confrontation. >> this man is totally thoroug thoroughly unqualified to be president of the united statesde of america! >> more back and forth on the ot campaign trail. >> hillary clinton lack the judgment, stability and, abilit temperment and the moral character to lead our nation. >> donald trump and hillary and clinton arguing the other isn'tn fit to serve. ser based on the latest poll
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bigger uphill battle. here's allison feel 96. 9 >> talk about a photo finishh american allison felix robbed ie the gold of rio after add runner takes five. some fans aren't happy about iti >> first, though, the heat wavev reached day seven. sev little relief in site. site. and more big storms could be onn the way as well. wel good day at 9a starts right now. ♪ >> it's >> it's not legal, al.t's t le >> no, it is.t is i looked it up.look it it's a legal move. mov >> please tell me she leapt --pt >> while you guys debate thateha we're crossing the finish linein straight up.ra right here on good day d.c. you got that? you see how i di did. >> no shade. >> nobody is falling down. fal we're all the way up on good day d.c. because it is 9:01. 9:0 it is tuesday, august 16th. i am wisdom martin. this is allison that is steve chenevey and thata is maureen umeh. >> where is holly. >> she's off.>> holly has got the morning
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>> ahead this morning how longmo it will takern to make kevin mccarthy lose his breakfast. >> he's been riding rollerol coasters at sick flags for justj about the last three hours or so. and it's all in honor of rollere coaster day.ter we'll check in with him one more time as he wraps up his epicc morning. >> the only thing that makes yo more uncomfortable on stealn ea roller coaster when it's 100 degrees and that hot breezeb smacking you in the y i temperatures pushing centuryen mark again. more humidity and that combotom means another risk of severe ofe weather late this afternoon. af. we got it yesterday, tucker. tke >> we did. >> thunderstorms rollinghundersg through. how many days now of 100? threr days. da >> three in row of 100.n of 1 six in a row of knife or better. >> unreal. unrea >> okay. >> yeah. >> it's hot.>> >> we win the gold medal foredaf heat and humidity every yearityr around here, don't we?'t >> yeah, we do.e >> we're number one! o >> we are number one. let's get to it one mr. day ofry it. the good news is, on the seventh day we see stretches of coolerle and drier weather on the way. wy but we're not quiet there yet. y hang ith
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79 now current temperature. humidity 84%.4% winds south southwest at nine. all the players intact here forf the past several days remainingn in play here today. that's we are mud today high and southerly breeze and a lot of lt heat and a lot of humidity thata will build throughout the day. giving us heat index of 105 to 110 later today.oday. so we have a heat advisory andor then frontal system out to the e west which will start to makeo m its presence felt a little latel today it's not going to move mov through today but it gets closeo that will increase our chancess for a few scattered showers anda thunderstorms this afternoon bub again daytime highs mid to upper 90s.s. look out for the possibility ofi a few strong storms later todayd and then as we get into i wednesday and really as we getse into thursday and friday iy i promise we have a nice cool dowc to look forward loo it's not going to be cool stevet but it will be cooler. 97 your daytime we've done 103 days in a row row would not be at all surprised is we don't do 100 again today. heat index 105, 110 much
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water, guys back to you.toou >> appreciate it tucker barnes.r first at 9:00 now, crazy cry video. this video was captured inn downtown overnight.ight flames shooting out a sidewalkiw after underground transformerras it happened at 18th l streets se northwest. dc fire and pep so crews spent most of the night on the sceneoe finally getting the situatione n under control around 2:30 this i morning. the good news no one was hurt.ur and there's still no word on won what spark the fire.rk thee but that fire did cause trafficf issues in the area for the morning rush.g r because of road closures ass crews continue to work to repair the damaged >> take to you have a have nowae police investigate a deadlyy deputy involve shooting outsidee a local hospital.loca police say they got call aroundo 10:30 about a suspicious man carrying a weapon near the hospital.ho a sheriffs deputy working therei approach the man.proachhe m the deputy says the man then thn started acting in a threateningn manner and he shot him.shotim police initially said the man mn had non-life threateningteni injuries but just before before 8:00 this morning we weres mo updated to say that the man hash in fact died. died. still no word on that man's id.. >> and happening
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montgomery county executivetive isaia leg get will survey the damage of the apartment explosion in silver spring. spr he's going to be joined by joid maryland senator ben cardin. c crews pulled a sixth body from b the rubble of the knauer branchn apartments on piney branch road. they are still looking for one r other person.erso now, one man who was initiallyni believed to be missing is ins i fact safe. he was not there at the time. tm actually found that man and and realized he had relocated.eloca. he was no longer living in thatt apartment complex.. happening now, d.c. policee investigating a video of whatfha appears to show a d.c. policeol officer pinning a woman againstn a car and lifting her into the air. air. now, fox5 speaks exclusivelyxcse with the woman from that video.d our bob barnard is live with wit what she had to say. say how did this whole thing happen did she come to you? did you u contact her? what happened, hpe bob? >> reporter: well, frankly, wene were out here asking peopleg about it. ab she asked us what we werehat wr talking and she said that's me. me. she didn't realize it had beenn video taped.ap so you'll hear f
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moment. let's show you the video tape.ap it happened right here outsideut this cvs store at t and seventh streets northwest washington.asi right down the street from thete howard theater.heat this was yesterday afternoon.on you see a police officer holding this woman up against his per feet are dangling in the air. he's questioning her.stioning h you can hear on the tape he'se h saying he thinks she's a s prostitute and she's like i am not. no put me down. dow he eventually does.oe the lady is not charged. charg she is not arrested but he dropo her to the ground. a woman who uses the twitter handle mack and cheeks shot thet video it's been retweeted more than 5,000 times. now, while we were showing this to other people to get their tir reaction this woman came up tomo us, and we showed it to her. her she said she was here at the bue stop and that she and some otheo people were yelling at some guy who was giving another woman a a hard time.e and that's what police came upon and here's the rest of the the seventy four her words.y fo she asked us not to put the
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camera right into her face. >> ♪ >> i never said nothing to the e gentleman in particular, butcul, when the police came the police scene me being aggressive to the man telling him get out of my om face i'm going react to you.oou so i guess they took that as a threat and pushed me up on the e car which was harassment butt they never arrested me.ted they never told me i was under d arrest or anything. have i no run ins with the law l whatsoever.what so it was harassment and i asked for the police officer's badge they wouldn't give me no names,s no numbers or nothing so i leftl he i never new this was beingng recorded. >> reporter: now, when you see the police officer drop this drs woman to the ground you see somm stuff fall out of her arms. she says that was schoolch supplies for her daughter thatgr she had just picked up.d and that's what fell to the ground.nd we spoke to this lady while -- - we have her name i'm not goingoi to share it right now.ght maybe later. but while we were talking --ng
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were asking another people foran their reaction to the videos.tho here's some of that.. >> looks harsh. har not knowing anything about the circumstances it's hard to say. i mean it looks harsh. harsh >> it's kind of shocking that hh would do that without even questioning her first. fir you know, not making assumptio assumptions. >> shot this video said theid first thing he did was grabbed her and picked her up. >> he shouldn't have doneoe that that he shouldn't are have donen i wouldn't have like it myselfyf and i'm sure he wouldn't havedne like it if it was the oppositepe way. >> reporter: now, in response rs to a tweet from mac and cheeksne you can see here dc policecol department responded with a tweet, we've contacted theirhe commanding officer and will wil continue to investigate this t matter. matter now, in response to other peoplo who have tweeted this and askedd people from the community asking for the dry dc policee department's response, they've ' tweeted back, we've been made bn aware of this video and havehave contacted their commandingma officer as we investigate thishs matter to someone else thelse policeep
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committed to holding ourg our officers accountable for their e actions.ons. so this is under investigationgi and seems to be some confusionfi december why the officer officer initially grabbed this woman and what she says she was doing,ng guys. >> totally -- look, with whath she said we haven't heard from the officer yet.fice y i just -- i'm wondering why he y had to be so heavy handed with w her for her to -- >> accuse her of pros stewing.s. you can make it out on the tapet asking her if she was a a >> did ask her about that, bob,b what she made of the officer oir saying are you -- >> reporter: i said that'sdha what we hear on the tape himsele saying to you.saying t and she says that's not true. tu she goes i work right down the i had some school supplies forif my i was helping other people try y to get some guy to leave anotheh woman alone here at the bus bus now, the interesting thing is t when you see the video and whenw you meet this woman, she's small in statue from the cell phoneelp video from mac and cheeks sheheh looks like almost like a kidke k like she's
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her white shirt.r whitshir she looks very small.. but in response to the officer,c she says, i'm 30 something.ometi so you can hear her telling himg i'm 30 something and when he anh drops her down, and you get aet look at her profile you realizea this is a woman. woman. she looks like a kid almost. because of her small statue but it's a woman. w and she says she was just at the bus stop having worked that day taking school supplies home tope her daughter.ugh >> good to hear her side of thei story at least.y atst. always know there's multiplee sides.side >> right. >> definitely sheds more lightyh on it hearing her side.r side. saying, you know --now -- >> clearly we haven't heard thed last of this certainly there's got to be soms follow up as d.c. police saidoli they will do.ey w >> no citation or arrest wasesta issued. su >> right. >> that's little bit of an areat of concern.of crn we're not second guessing theuee police like you said there ise i another side to the story it just looks strange. strange looks strange.ok all right. we go from that to this.ohi the city of milwaukee still on edge after that police involvede shooting over the weekend butut last night thanks in part to a curfew now in effect the streete were c
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last night at 10:00 p.m., and a only applies to people under thn age of 18.age 1 now the unrest going on in milwaukee followed the fatalheat shooting of an armed black man during traffic stop a dozenffic businesses were set on fire fire during the resulting protests. the city's police chief sayshiey body camera footage shows thehot man pointerred a gun at thet the officers. that video has not been releasee just yet. so unrest in milwaukee. enact add curfew hopefully hopel things will calm down as theys investigate and see whatigat happened 9:11 is the time. tim still ahead at 9:00 easy to makm fun of millennials for being soft and now science provescienp those claims are correct. >> not just millennials.ials. >> not just millennials.nnls we'll tell you about the newhe n study. >> exactly. >> even though it sounds funny,n why it might be a sign off something much more serious. >> first, though, donald trump t still struggling to catch up in the latest polls and that could mean more members of thebers the republican party bailing out. we'll have the latest from there campaign trail coming up
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members of his own partywn p consider cutting him loose. fox's doug luzader has the t details. >> reporter: donald trumpald tru trying to stay on message to try to calm nervous republicans.lics hillary clinton meantiment preparing for yet another e-mail dump. hillary clinton with a boost boo from vice-president joe biden ii pennsylvania and he went afterta donald trump. >> this man is totally, thorou thoroughly unqualified to be president of the united states i of america! america! (applause). >> reporter: but there may be more trouble on the horizon for with the state department goingg to release more of her e-mails-m and fbi may show congress notesn from their interview with her. >> hillary clinton lacks thehe judgment i as said by bernieni sanders, stability and temperem many and the moral character to lead our classic. (applause). >> reporter: donald trump in ohio making his foreign policy l casend
9:16 am
obama and hillary clinton forlit the rise of isis.s. but many in his own party arere concerned that his slide in the polls will and danger republican majorities in congress. >> if he's losing by four orr five points, even six points we could make up that difference.r. it's when it starts inching upp towards eight, nine, 10% difference that you can't make'k up that difference in thece i campaign. >> reporter: right now the r real clear politic average has trump down by almost seven-points behind clinton. speaking of polls, thehe commission on presidentialreside debatings pout a list of the t ones they will use to determinei when candidates take the stage. you need a 15% showing and right now the only third party candidate who even comes close is libertarian gary johnson.on but he's not there yet. so as it stands it looks like these debates will be betweene t hillary clinton and donald trump assuming trump shows up and we don't know yet whether that'sera going to happen.appe in washington, doug luzader, fox
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news from our own background heg is a as were he willyilly battleground state virginia thet washington post has a new poll l out today showing hillaryng h clinton with a 14-point lead ld over donald trump. t the post says clinton leads inei all parts of the commonwealthnwa except for the rural southwesttt part of the state. all right. rig thing getting heated up becausec we get closer to november. novee >> it's close now.>> it's close >> it's real close.t's it's just right around thend t corner. you can reach out --can re >> you can dive for the fence on it. >> or whatever. >> or trip. or >> or trip. >> this is a calculated move.ov. >> a committed dive. div >> if you're that coach, do youo not say, yes! yes >> here we go again. >> dive for the line. >> we moved on to politics now.c >> you cannot win fair andin fad square that way. i just don't go -- don't >> it is legal, mo. >> you cannot hold your head hd high.hi >> i'd hold my head high withigt med gallon around my neck. i would hold my head highd h carrying the medal like this.e t >> are you
9:18 am
>> absolutely i would.bsolutely >> you asked the question if the allison had done that i'd have'h problem with that, too.with tha, >> as long as you're consistent' >> i am. come on win it fair and square.u >> you did win the gold that wea had in our anchor race. >> right. did you with our pong? pon >> by the way -- no, no, no. >> steve and i did a race. >> don't bring up the pong from yesterday all out of wack.out w don't bring that up.bring up. >> a tie is the goal. >> no tripping to the finishng line.line children fair and square.r squ cross that with your head held high. >> within the gold. wit >> coming up a tv star with tiei to baltimore one of thetimo thousands left homeless afterest those devastating louisiana floods. we'll have the details and whene we check back in with what else is making headlines this morni morning. later how to handle free loading family members and advice for a guy who is too t broke to put ring on it. >> right.>> rig sarah fraser is coming back witw another edition of love and order.or ♪ ♪
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ng. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ♪ >> 9:21 time. erin comb mow back with thew other stories making headlines this morningba.this good morning. >> good morning guys.d mo thank you very much, wisdom.uc at least seven people areeve dead after a massive flooding in many have lost their homesomes including actor wendell pierce.. best known for his role on hbo the wire. thousands in southern louisianas are now living in shelters.s. forced from their homes becauseu of the flooding coast guard isua
9:22 am
still helping rescue hundreds oo people trapped in their this video shows a young child we'll see being-ed from the rooo of a submerged house. president obama has declared dee parts of the state a federal disaster area. california man is under undr arrest accused of starting a fire that sparked a massive wilw blaze. officials say the 40-year-olde a charged with 17 counts of arson. the wildfire has destroyed nearly 200 homes and caused $10 million in damage. moving closer to home, morer problems for metro.. a new report from the federal transit administration shows s metro needs to crack down onn more on train operators who overrun red stop signals.. the fta found metro has experienced 68 stopped signal sg violations sin the start of of 2012. 20 metro is averaging more than onn stopped signal violation per ioa month. the feds are now telling metroet how to fix it.. and finally, trouble in the windy city
9:23 am
the chicago cubs have fired a stadium dj who chose a rather questionable song to play durinn for the crowd.the cwd after the cubs closer pitched a scoreless ninth inning, the song "smack my quote black up" playee over the speakers at wrigleyri field. it wasn't long before fans bef started tweeting about the inn appropriate song choiceho especially considering thely cse pitcher in question was involvel in domestic violence incident in the off season. so not such good publicityublici happening over there. there. >> that makes me wonder how on n earth did that get into the rotation?? >> through it in it ine >> probably just --robly >> i know but --now -- >> here's what i argue, though,, is that poor judge, yes.,es should it have been played, no. >> no.>> n >> but i don't think that you t perhaps he was thinking of hisfs off the field antics. >> i think he was. w. >> off the field issues. >> too much of a coincidence. >> in the off season this isf st what they pitcher was known forf it was a huge d
9:24 am
>> you're saying there's no wayn he could have forgotten? >> no.o. >> if you go to sporting event t lot the music you hear has ar ha connection to what's happeningae on the game. the a lot of it -- it -- >> he was trying to be funny. >> all right. right >> but even if it wasn't, al i i hear your argument. >> why would you do it -- it >> come on cubs you're better than that. tha >> is he suspended or fired.ired >> gone. >> gone bye-bye. >> bye-bye. byeye. >> gone like their chances atket the world series.e wo >> we're not gone. >> seriously.erio >> i thought you were for that t other team for chicago. chicago >> i root for both.h >> white sox, cubs. cs. bears. >> bulls.>> bul >> bulls. >> blackhawks. >> university of chicago.. >> by the way blackhawks won tht stanley cup how many times wisdom? wisd >> i don't know.>> how many? >> i forget. i f (laughter).. >> your partner olympic partnern called you out. >> have my back, steve.
9:25 am
me to it. >> whatever. >> goal.>> goa >> put it on the -- >> board.. >> bunch good old weaklingskl that's what new study says we'ls tell was they base that on, whaw could be to blame for makingg millennials so soft. soft. >> first we'll check back in i with kevin mccarthy who has whoh spent the morning making himsele sick out at sick flags. fla all in honor of national roller coaster day. >> and fresh at 10a, he spent nine seasons in the office thisi morning he's live in the loft. l john krasinski is the man behinh the camera on the new movie call the holler he'll tell us all usa about it because he's going to i be in studio. yes. ye a listers in here straight up 9:25.. we're used to ate a listers. let me bring down my enthusiasmm we get them all the time. >> this is a norm. >> we're so grateful. ♪
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♪ hey, al. al. >> look the that. >> commercials are -- are >> i wish we can do somethinget about the forecast.thfore all we can do is wait another ah week for things to calm down,n, tuck.. >> this too shall past.o shall . >> remember last february. >> allison, that's my wholeat'se point. can i make a point here. >> sure.>> >> i rarely have to pontificate on anything just because it'sau' not one undread degrees doesn'te mean it will be zero and
9:29 am
like there's a loft in between. >> no.>> no i think we pretty much havehv the extremes.xtreme >> okay. tucker, i'm feeling what you'ree putting down by the way.ay >> thank you wisdom.isdom >> you can't shovel heat. >> okay. oka. >> case closed. >> words of wisdom. >> i just dropped wisdom onm on that. >> i'm excited.>> i i don't mine the hot weather.ota >> i'm with al.>> i'm i walk outside yesterday i feltl it's hot but if this was januarn i would not want to be outside e right now. >> exactly. exact >> we're all on the same page, p tuck. we're all on the same page. pag >> i'm with you, too. >> no, you're not, tuck. t >> let's do it.>> l heat wave it is winding down.ow not so much today. tod one more day with this daytime e highs in the upper 90s.0s we've hit 103 days in a row. r no reason why we wouldn't do itt again today. it will be close call.l belose either way it's going to be up p comfortable with heat index likl 105 to 110. 110 so be ready here.ere again, just please lots and lots of water don't leave your pets in the car. i know it feels like it's been e going on for days and days things will get better by theety end of the week. t wee 80 culpeper.. 78 in
9:30 am
73 in hagerstown to start your day. did have big storms we could do a few more stormsrm later today.oday just like yesterday there coulde be a strong one or two.r two. so just be ready for that. t no storms at this hour. i don't think we'll get any a storm activity until latent afternoon get that daytimeayti heating first and getd get instability going. and then we'll have to look outk for that possibility.ossibili all right. we do have a cold front on the it's wishful thinking that itha will get through here in a hur hurry. what's going happen going to slam no our area of highh pressure to our east bermuda high, and it will get throughhr the area but it's going to take its sweet time doing so it willl kind of slow down as it starts to enter every encounter thatou area of high pressure.hiress bottom line is we do have coolee and drier weather on the way byy the end of the week. w so tomorrow this front will beib hung up across our area keepa kp showers and storms in theand forecast with a front in the neighborhood tomorrow our highss will be held back into the low 90s. and then as a front can get ease and south ofs by friday and by y thursday our daytime hig
9:31 am
all right. heat advisory back in effectec today.toy yesterday it was just downtowndt washington and today much more the area anybodo close to the bay here includingu all of in you southern marylandm heat index later today 105 to 110. heat advisory in place. place. it will be very uncomfortablefoe dangerous heat later thiser t afternoon. here's future cast there's youry storm activity.m actity future cast not loving the ideae of a lot of storms today. t but can't rule out the possibility we could get one or two large cells going with lotsl of dangerous lightning and gustg winds keep that in mind andd overnight we'll quiet it downt d but the storm will be back b tomorrow particularly with ay wh gold front able to start movingn through during the day tomorrow. seven day forecast, 97 today.od. again, we have been six days ini a row of knife or i think today will be will be number seven. seven. there is slightly cooler air fof tomorrow but much improvementrot around here by thursday and by b our zip trip on friday morning.g we'll going to rise lynn this lh week come out and say hi to ustu and there's your weekendeend forecast? actual weekend lookso nice. upper 80s to about 90 withut 90t scattered storm on
9:32 am
saturday looks great. all right.ight i'm i'll toss it back to stevea and wisdom.d wisdom. we're talking manly hand shakesk or in that some like that. somk. >> come over and join us.ernd j almost every generation thinksni one comes after that is too soft.ft how many times have you heard h your parents or grandparents sas back in my day we were so much c tougher than you kids today?? >> i'm saying that right now. >> i know t my eight-year-old. >> i know you are. i k >> i hear allison mocking meki right now, too. too that's another story.erry maybe you said it yourself.rsel. guess what, you're right.. because science is backing upe b that claim. c this was the headline in the t washington post yesterday.teay men today are not as strong as their dads were at the same agea article based on study by the journally hand therapy. trapy millennial men may have haveave weaker hands and arms than menhm the same age did some 30 years3y the questions this morning we me want to answer what changed whyy are men weaker now, why is itt such a big deal. >> before we could answer thoses questions we want to see how wes stack up much here the deal. according to the study the average millenn
9:33 am
to apply 98 pounds of force when gripping something with his som right hand.. in 1985, the average man could squeeze with 117 pounds of for force. much greater.much here to help determine our handh strength jeffrey smith handmithh therapist and clinic director at med star national rehab hospitap here in d.c. jeffrey, good to see you this yt morning.g. >> this morning.>> >> i'm intimidating by you and a the guns you're bringing to thet table right off the bat.t ofthe. what do we learn from our dine n mom meter am i saying thatin tha right. >> you are saying that right.g h dine mom meter. it's a gauge pretty precise ts determines your grip strapp extrapolated for your overall oa strength in kind of gross way. >> this is not new?his is not nw >> this has been around for a? long time.en time. over 50 years of use of the dind mom meter in testing grip grip strength. >> wisdom, you're up first. what do i do? d >> here's what you want to do.t >> do i stand or sit >> stay >> have your elbow at your sided about 90 degrees.egree >> okay.. squeeze hard and long as you cac fo
9:34 am
>> hard and long as i can.s i ca >> ready? >> hard as you can. >> go.>> g >> you hear all of that. >> that was -- that was theat we machine cracking when -- >> uh-huh.>> >> let it go. >> you can stop sow >> that was 105 pounds.05 pound >> all right.. >> way to go, wis. (applause). >> i was taking it easy. >> i'm right handed usuallyly about 10 or 15% in the non n dominant >> here we go.weo >> all right. squeeze and hard alls you can. squeeze.squeeze >> go, steve. >> come on, steve. >> okay. that is 125. >> whoo! >> what? w >> wait a minute. >> oh, my goodness.h, my ne >> he wins the gold.. >> he's winning so far. >> okay. come on >> don't you dare -- dare >> it's not about your strengthn >> yes, it is., it i >> he's the most competitiveompe person in here.pers >> go, go, go.o, go,o. you got it tuck.k. >> good job. >> 105. >> steve gets the gold.ets thld.
9:35 am
>> steve is so strong. s >> wisdom and tucker are tied at for the silver. >> i would never guessed tucker is genuinely offensed. >> are you sure he's one wasn'tw 04.. >> 105. >> i think i need a retry. iee >> any way, do you think -- howo long have you been doing thisois testing? >> i've beente a hand therapistp for about 23 >> okay. so it's full generation then. t do you buy into this the factthc that the previous generation was stronger hand strength than what we have now. >> i do to general sense. some people are kind of unusua unusually strong depending oneng what they do or just genetics.. i'll get in clinic in a day i'll have a big strapping young man with 80 pounds of grip strengthi and have a petit lady with 80 pounds of grip strength asens well. it kind of depends on your handh and how do you things in life.e. >> why do we care about handan strength? >> the general idea that you cac get a general quick easy assessment of overall bodyrall y strength by doing a grip test. t you can squeeze a
9:36 am
once or -- one to three timeseis and get a general idea. idea. they also have literature oute there that correlates longevity, health, things like that, too. >> obviously there can be b exceptions to any rule. >> exactly.>> e >> in general when you look atwn these things can you actuallygsu determine that health factor fao just by the grip or can you havh somebody in perfect health and d maybe just has weak hands. han >> absolutely. a you can have somebody who is a a marathon runner doesn't have lot of grip you can also have somebody whoow doesn't run and has ridiculousou am of grip strength. strengt >> does it matter you said right handed -- right hand, right rigt hasn't. why does that matter. mat >> if you're dominant on the right side or the left sidet you'll be stronger on yourr dominant side because you useuse that more it has more training.n >> one of things that -- we werw kind of joking about the back to my day, you know, we weree wer stronger and everything. evethin there was lot of manual labor ir you go back a couple generatio generations. maybe more than we have now. does that have to do with itt maybe we're more office workerse now as opposed to working thekit lines or whatever it is.r does that correlate at all?ll >> with
9:37 am
it has correlated bay it used to be have you had to turn a manuaa wrench all day long that puts aa lot of strain and stress on youy hands. your hands will adapt and get gt stronger to that. in ergonomics we've tried to eliminate the risk factors oftos developing injuries, carp tunne and things like that by makingak the jobs easier.r so to some degree you areu decreasing the overall intensitt of work. >> now -- now >> okay. can wisdom still say to his kidk back in my day we were stronger than you? you >> depends. grip strength actually peaks ouo about age of 18 to 21. >> okay.>> okay. >> stays at that level prettyely much your whole life.le >> really. >> it doesn't usually drop offp doctor precipitous. >> i'm looking at steve in wholo new way. beat it. (laughter).(lghte >> bye-bye.. >> steve, look at you. >> let me try to get with myith left hand. hand >> no, no. (laughter).(l >> good job.>>d >> oh, boy.oy. >> maureen who knew? kne >> lower with me left >> that's pretty normal.s prett. >> oh, steve.
9:38 am
it's something you don'tomet normally think t >> what needs to happen peoplepp need to take one of these devices out with and test the hand strength before you -- y >> here you go.>>ere yo >> take somebody out on date.ate >> make sure they're >> please cut back to us. >> come on back over. >> that's not what this is allas about. >> hey, steve.steve >> hi, ladies. >> hi. >> hey, wisdom and i got other skills.ills. >> still ahead at 9:00, it might stake a strong person to stomach these. these. we're trying out the new swedish fish oreos. oos oh, my god, steve. 9:38.38. >> so dreamy. >> hey, ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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♪ the things we learn aboutrn each other. >> i think tucker is mad heade didn't win.'t win. >> it would be hard to find aarf more competitive person aroundun here. >> more competitive than me.ivem >> you're neck and neck.ndk. >> okay. >> very very competitive. shout out mack in our control cn room crushed both of. b >> what did he get? >> squeeze. >> he got a 140. >> mack got 140?40 >> erin como had 120. 1 good for her. h. >> every woman in here beat us? is that what you're saying. >> he's 125.
9:42 am
>> that's true. that's right. tthat >> speak for yourself. yourself. carry on. ca >> so much fun, thank you., tha. it has been fun if not queasy morning for kevinev mccarthy. >> he spent the last couple ofla hours at six flags in upper marlboro riding every singlegle roller coaster the theme park offers. of course it's an honor of's national roller coaster day.ay he just wrapped up his epic hise morning but before we he left tt head back here to fox5 he sent us this. >> hey everybody it's kevin it' mccarthy it's national rollerr coaster day, on my sixth coastet of the morning so far. i've ridden everything from bato wings, superman ride of steal to oh pock lips it's been insane,ns insane morning. morning one of the greatest honors to bo here. here as a coaster fan who grew upw up watching and riding coasters als the time, it's so cool and the t six flags staff has been so nicc to me to be here today.od and they're having a really real really cool national roller rle coaster day.r first 300people people to sign g up for the roaster case get to o compete and the first hundred h that finish all nine coasters first t
9:43 am
prize. now, i'm here with al. al is a coaster enthusiast. >> yes. yes >> and al, this coast we're onro which i'm a little worried about is 99 years old. >> correct. >> okay. all right. has it been here 100 years. >> no. it was in park called pigeonigeo park in massachusetts and it waw original called the giantiant coaster. it was built in 1917 and until u that time in 1986 we, um, purchased it from that park andd this park was originally calledc wild world.ld. >> right. >> and it's been through a lot of -- meticulously placed itd because this is the first timere that we ever actually relocatedt a wooden coaster. cster. >> had you do you move a you coaster? like how do they knowk what sections or what sections. >> we didn't have -- they had h numbered each riser and they place it exactly to where it was
9:44 am
>> that's >> back then there was a originally double out back b coaster in pigeon park.ark. we profiling it to make it more wilder, more seedier than beforb because it was originally 53 miles per hour when it was in massachusetts. now it's nearly 60 miles anmis hour.ho. >> wow! this is 100 years old o almost i'm getting ride to it. t i hope i'm okay. oka i do want to say i rode the ridr of steal superman ride earlier.r you can see some video of thatht right now the go pro footage. fa it was an insane ride.e. two experiences one that's a vrr and one that's just a regular i loved them both for completell different reasons.sons. with the non vr you get to actually feel the coaster andoar see what's going on. with the vr experience, you're kind of in the story so you'reoe riding the story line which is awesome. so both give you an excellentxc way to ride the ride. so ready to get the wild one.ile i'm getting ready to take nick, if you
9:45 am
the queue my buddy nick with usu all morning long and i'm kevin mccarthy fox5 local news. (applause).. >> good for kevin. k so let's move on to this. because this is some heavy dutyt stuff right here.right re what oreos has done and they normally try different crazyre c flavors put them together mash m them up and want people montheoo eat them. they got swedish fish roar croww >> um-um.m-um >> swedish fish roar crows. cro >> kevin was so end nam in order by he special order add bag of them. overpaid for them and tried ther >> the only place you can get them kroger. >> swedish fish inside of it. i. >> we don't know.>> we >> can i open one.. >> just the flavor not the fishf >> you want to dissect one. >> can we do it.>> c >> go ahead and try it. t you're number one. one. >> can we get drum roll? >> it's >> eat it allison.llison this is a taste test. tes >> i don't like swedish fish. >> it smells like swedish fish.f >> drum roll, go ahead.
9:46 am
>> that's okay. that's okay. it's for good day. for gd thumbs up or thumbs down? >> what?>>t? >> really? (applause).use) >> steve?>> s >> go ahead. (drum roll). >> my thought you can likean swedish fish or are a crows butt not together.r. >> thumbs or thumbs down, steve? >> ut-oh. >> no, no new york city firsty f taste was thumbs up but the after taste thumbs down.e thumon >> oh wow.h wow >> all right.. next. >> i don't want to try it. >> home of the coney dog. d i just said that. >> let it breathe for minute. >> oh, no.o. >> it's got a weird chemicall after taste.te >> look kevin mccarthy --th- >> wait a minute. >> you didn't try it.t. >> you love oreos. >> but -- taste this.. >> taste it, taste it. i you guys tweet us and --nd >> taste it, taste it. taste it. i
9:47 am
all right?alright? >> let us know what you think. i about this.abhis. >> all right. >> you didn't even eat it. eat you are so lame. >> boo! >> diving over the finish line.. >> here's the thing like i wasii about to say before i was rudely interrupted by my competitorsy y here -- >> you're welcome.ou'r >> when i fall in love with ann roar yo kevin mccarthy triedy this. look at his crazy rid yo. rid when i fall in love with an oreo i don't cheat. i'm one roar yo person. yo perso i'm with the golden oreo for >> you have a bond with oreos. e >> heard that.t. (laughter). >> interesting. >> can we get an epic fail for o maureen umeh on that. >> epic fail. fai >> spoke volumes. >> the part was good the last l part taits a little like l medicine. >> i don't like it. d >> this takes like exhaust in ei the back of a car
9:48 am
>> time is 9:47. coming up, how to get rid ofid free loading family members and advice for guys who's girlfriend might be taking the flirting arn little too too far. we're talking love and order ord coming up next. >> oreo burn is what it was. >> yuk. ♪ i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. >i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter!
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♪ there you go. g hey it's tuesday that means it'' time for little love and order.d that's what sarah fraser sharess e-mails from fans and we try tot offer little bit of advice.fdvic first up they say love of moneyo is the root of all evil and el d money problems are the root of all the woes we're dealing withh this week. week. in laws who over stayed theirdhe sarah what's going on? >> you guys, what do you thinkha about --t i'm so torn about tht one. >> okay. oy. >> a woman writes to us and her husband's parents have fallen on hard times. times they they actually lost their te house to foreclosure this pastsp february and moved in with theme now this couple in order to make their mortgage also has aoas roommate who pays them somethini every month.onth the parents the in-laws have hae let's just say not been great. they pay their own food but that's it. they don't really go
9:52 am
housekeeping and in fact theyhe invite all their friends over oo the weekends.ekends the roomy -- rmy >> they're taking advantage of the >> yes. >> the roommate told the couplel i think i got to move out ie o don't feel comfortable living lg here. so she is saying that her own hn husband wants to kick his kis parents out. but she feels like god for bid b what if something happens to these people.ople. >> no. >> don't you have to honor youru parents. shouldn't we see this a littletl bit longer.ger. they only moved in since march.m do you have the right to kickrik them out.. >> it's five months. m >> they're getting the worse of of every part of their d >> losing their income source. . having in laws taking advantagee of them f you're a need andd and somebody offers you an opportunity to be better, like,k take advantage of that.t don't like take advantage ofdvae that and then be like now i'm -m let me stay but i'll throw'l t parties and not going to clean. >> really, but but but but let's think about these are your parents.. right? and so -- >> why can't you tell yourl parents --pare >> i think you have to tell thet parents no friends.ends.
9:53 am
>> we have to keep our roommater unless you're going to pay money we got to keep our roommate.. >> income streak. str >> i don't think you can kickhik them out. >> they took care of you for 18 years. >> i understand that, sarah., h you have to have that honest h conversation with them and say t this is impacting our live now.n we're losing our roommate.oomm that was our source of income.e >> they've got to lay groundroun work. work. >> it's fine.t' you went to take care of your yu parents. they have to understand too that only goes so far. >> the couple has been too t accommodating up to this point i think obviously have signs ahead of time before they get to thiss this is not happening.pp now it's come to head.e to h i think you have to do is maybey one more chance and you're out.. >> my house, my rules. r follow my rules or get out. >> it's that simple. >> wisdom you would never kickwo out your own parents. >> when you're an adult andlt a living in my house you follow my rules. they got to go.o >> now i'm taking care of themaf in response to that.esnse follow my rules or get out. >> oh, lord. all right. >> you don't know what the rest of the back story s maybe m th
9:54 am
want to leave. twant like this is the life they wantt >> i say they can bring their friends over. over. we got to have conversation.ion. >> my rules. rules. >> got to have a conversation. c there's our ruling.e's our ru done. next up flirty girlfriend gr this guy wrote to mean says my girlfriend flirts her way toayto discounts and gets a fair amouna of them.ofhem. okay. so at first he was totally cooly with this, but as the flirtingin continues she now wants him tono pretend that he is her brotherrr in order to even get biggerr discounts.ounts >> no. >> the guy says that this isays actually worked at home depot.. free drinks and also for car repair. do you guys think he's right tot do >> you were righted to theere r gavel. this is ridiculous. >> let me break this down for mr male friend.eriend. obviously you got a hoty got girlfriend she's getting thingss because of the way she looks and the way she flirts. fli congratulations on that.tulaonsa now, dump her and find a hotot girlfriend who's much cooler too you and better for you because c you're in it for the long that discount you're getting right now it's not for the longn run. run. >> steve said it all
9:55 am
>> gavel.>> gav >> i was good with it until shee said the brother part. pt i'm all about the discounts butb the brother part really -- >> flirt your way to discounts.s >> absolute.>> a >> you just bat those eyes.t ths >> i try. >> again eyes. >> where did you get for free ge last?last >> i can't talk about it.t it (laughter).au >> it's in the podcast.he podst. (laughter).. >> lastly really quickly i think this is an interesting topic.op i hadn't really thought aboutugt this a guy was saying he's he' 27-year-old been with hish girlfriend for three years wantn to propose but has massive mve college debt.t wants to propose without a ringr can he do that or -- >> strong feelings about thisins one, too. >> i say yes. >> i say no. say i think you need the ring.he r i think without the ring you'reu just dating.justing. >> i say no. i say that if there's love you y don't need the ring. r >> you can get a ring for for dollar. >> some symbol.>> som >> in symbol.n syol >> wall march has cheap >> maureen if a guy asked to yoy marry without ring or symbol sym what would it would it be. >> i would say if i loved himay
9:56 am
we'd get the ring later. i'm not swayed by stuff like byl that. >> i'm sort of torn on this oneo that's >> really? reall? >> we got to rap so you got to o rule.le. >> rule. rul >> i'll rule.e propose without the ring.hein >> there you you >> there it is. i >> thank you. >> love and order. >> all right.ll you know what else is coming up -- >> john krasinski from thesi office and he's got a new moviee he's got new movie he'll talk tk about that. >> so called passion project p he's working on right now withh other big names charlie day ishi in the new movie as well we'll w talk about --ut -- >> a couple of different hands h in this, writer, producer.ce >> both sides of the camera foro him. maybe we'll have him walk arouno our office and see what he canhc nene. coffee time on good day d.c. iff you have been eye bawling ourawo cool good day mugs and we seeee you listen up.listen up. we now have a new good day dunkin' donuts mug to give awaya perfect cup for that great great dunkin' donuts coffee.offee. head to or or facebookww
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d.c. to enter our mug one lucky winner selected byelte random drawing.wing. hurry up, though, you only havee until 11am to enter it's now 9:57.57 hurry, hurry.rry, h we'll be right back.
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there's nothing like trying especially when it comes to snacking.g new. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ♪ it's 10a and we are divingrn across the good diminish line oo this tuesday morning. >> you get the gold every day. finish line dive being talkedngl about all around the world. let's move or low blow. >> yes. >> we discuss and we want towe w hear from you.. plus, restaurant under fire today for what it did to to manipulate the black lives liv matter slogan. you may think it was joke but jb lot of you
10:01 am
>> how about star power on goodr day today. tay. actor john krasinski you knowno him as jim from the office.e. he's live in the lot of dishingg about his new movie call hollere and finds him both in front anda behind the camera. a full circle good day at 10at starts right now. ♪ >> he's playing this song.g. >> we'll debate the olympiclyic thing in just second.ond. >> okay. i'm honestly surprised how muchh this has come up in discussion.u >> right. >> i'm not. >> well, we'll continue debateet in minute. minute. in the meantime the bottles youy have in front of you and the t guests that we have becauseause we're celebrat celebrating rum . >> national rum day good i seems bottles of dominican rum and barbados rum and maryland >> all right. >> we'll talk about that latera on this morning. since we have mint over there we'll have delicious 10a today. >> yes, we >> that's coming up in littlemin bit.
10:02 am
coffee.ff >> this is my water.waer i'm get trying to get that tha swedish fish out of my mouth. m. before we sit down give a shouto out to producer og had a baby he's our morning producer. >> wonderful wife theresa they y their baby finally much it's ali good. congratulations to them.on the >> he gets to sleep in foreep f couple days now? now >> imagine that.ha >> you have a no more sleeping.n >> time off. you'll be awake. >> they're well versed on baby a hood. congrats.rats >> you get a picture tomorrow tw morning >> let's hope hop >> if he has time to take i don't know if that's going toh happen. >> free 6am. >> 10:02. thanks for staying with us.tayi i'm steve alongside allison, als maureen and wisdom. wisdom. holly is off today.llff t let's get down it to. shall we.l >> let's get up on how team usau is doing in rio. rio we continue to lead the medaledl count blowing the competitionome away with 75 total medals.s six of them
10:03 am
great britain is next. >> no gold for america lastricat night nation's best simone bilee fell short after nearly fallingg off the balance beam. her performance good enough tong earn her a bronze but here's the very least stove as you wereyour saying teammate lori hernandez i don't even think we have video o of it right now she took thek te so, you know, that happenedd congratulations to her as well. biles hoped for another golder continues tonight when shehe s competes in the floor exercise.. i think the floor is my favori favorite. >> okay. got a shot to get it.shot t >> they're all so difficult.ficu the floor blows my mind morning anything else you think aboute the height they get.ightget. the tumbling ability.ty. okay.ok chris hold off on the picture pe before we can set this upt thisp properly.op we have a little i'm putting pug that in air quotes a littletes l debate over this next story thii morning. if you watched you saw americana sprinter allison feel mix deniee the gold medal in the wm
10:04 am
400-meter. was she denied or did she just j get beat? watch on the bottom that she nay miller of the bahamas taking a dive across thi finish line for the gold. felix looked like she was goingg to hold her off. o it was actually miller crossingc the line first on that laughterh dive fully legal it's in the ite rules.rule rarely do people do it becausedc the landing stinks. snks. >> come on now. i'm not going to lie. lie not olympic athlete --lete -- >> have you ever done it? whenw i was in high school i trip atp full speed in the 100 going g across the line.e. i was cut head to toe from fro landing thon i would never personally do thaa dive. but for her, she did it. did i she got the gold. the move spark intense backlashs though on social med not against the rules which w simply state the first athletete who's torso reaches the verticaa plane of the closest edge of the finish line is the winner. according to the rules, she wouldn't. now, we are hear divided asivida panel today.panel today. >> we are. >> wisdom and i are team do
10:05 am
whatever take it's the gold medally as long as it's withinoi the rules of the olympics. t oly >> and it was.>> >> you win. team maureen and allison seem to differ.differ. >> yeah. i say, you know, i mean for me, she won but -- right. allison felix was still booking it across the line when she was like -- exactly. >> you're saying it's not even close ---- >> bolt. >> i saw him doing this him afterwards.. >> diving hey cross what i'mey o saying. >> bolt lookin looking at hiskia competition like that. >> the nation should startdta having them train to starto diving across. >> everybody dive. e >> when i ran track if i everve had a chance to be in front whee i was bringing up the rear in fourth, fifth and sixth place ia i had chanced to and i knew ii could have won that way i absolutely would not done that.t >> this is not qualifier in high school. this is a god medical daal. people will talk about
10:06 am
>> in the books she would havehh gotten the gold but people willw remember it this way i can't wait to see the memes tm that come out about it. >> i win the gold all that wayt to win the gold i want to win it standing straight up and i beat you. >> let me throw this out ther there -- >> team bahamas. scientific klee if you look ati baseball players sliding into i first base.firste. some players do it thinking it's faster science has proved that you actually have a betterly h chance of getting at first ifir you stay standing than if you dive. so my thought on this is, ifs, science shows that you're youe actually going faster standing d than diving she might haveivin actually won the race both ways. >> look -->> look >> whole lot of talking.le l >> sometimes do you it and youyo lose. we s howed they are eighty three. a here's the deal allison and il had a very spirited discussionio earlier this morning.. we're on different teams.iffe i'm team i'm okay with >> at the end of the day weay we still love each never a lasting.. >> we selled it the way we feltf with a race around the studio t the anchor desk. >> let's see the photo finish.i. >> i won a
10:07 am
>> wait a minute. wai allison not only did you win but you won in heels. heels. >> that's right.>> t >> and a dress. >> and steve suit is all dustyty trying to win the underhandeded way.way. >> the studio floor is >> your form was good, steve.. >> sideways plank. si >> i feel i gave it my best shot. shot. >> i can tell you gave it your u best shot. sho >> i accept the silver.r >> i think he looked up my up skirt. >> is that what had you doingt a right there.right ere. >> right.>>ht >> maybe that's why he lostt'wh allison.liso >> right. >> too busy focusing on theg o t wrong thing.wrong th >> it was that your strategy.out win at all costs? >> right.. wore the short skirt. ski >> you if i'm looking at theat t torso you guys actually tide.e. >> no. n >> look at it.>> loo the torso, no, allison won. won >> i'm way out in front.. >> whole shoulder length. lengt. >> trying to look out for youk o steve.steve. >> trying to stir up controversc again. >> i appreciate that.pp >> look, even onre the instant repeat -- >> i feel like i win the gold bd get to go work with you guys every day. >> aww
10:08 am
>> can i talk about my hand strength.stre >> let's not forget it. >> 125. >> oh, my gosh. >> whoop whoop !ho >> wow steve.teve >> come on team 105.m05 let us know what you think aboua it. we want to know what you thinknk about this finish alex felix and the ba hame >> the gold winner. 10:08. let's check what is trending, wis. wis >> all right. rht this is one a lot of people arel talking about online as well.s l italian restaurant in albuquerque new mexico comingomn fire for making merchandise thaa mimic the black lives matter mae moment.nt. paisano's made nationalationa headlines after posting the sigg this sign outside of the restaurant black olives matter.t the owner rick told fox newsox n that he put the phrase on theent sign to sell a new recipe. posted pictures of the dish anda the sign on facebook and he immediately drew negativeegativ comments from people saying thaa he was being incentive and moc mocking a movement aimed ata trying to stop police moshootine of blackre
10:09 am
but despite this backlash theklt owner said that he had plenty pe people who actually like the the so he started making merchandisn made merchandise for thosechan supporters.suor so now you can purchase shirtss and hats with the phrase "blackl olives matter" written and it oo pay san's website. new venture had people fired upu on social media. instead of says says this iss disgusting incentive.. carly says i figure as businessn owner it would be in the best b interest to remain as publiclyul neutral in situations like thise as possible.ossibl the aim you think would be to appeal to the whitest possiblesl audience for those products.cts i guess pie san poe know' sociaa security only interested inted catering to a limited clientelee that share their theirs we live right around the cornerr might have enjoyed the food butb now we'll avoid i lisa says i'vs never been to your restauranttar but will now.but wi people need to lighten up muchh this black woman appreciates the attention police brutalty
10:10 am
awareness.enes he was not trying to stir racial tenses. he also says the critics arere being too sensitive end says eny business is booming at hising as restaurant.nt. >> i'm not surprised.pred. >> i'm not surprised. >> i have one thing. ask alton sterling's kids ifsfs funny. it's incentive.ncenti >> i wonder if you're buying tht merchandise, you kind of have to explain to people because iple u would imagine folks -- >> you're opening yourselves upe to lot of conversations. of >> why do it? there's just so s much. much it's tacky. why would you do it? i don't i care if you don't agret?e with,t you know, the whole black lives matter movement as -- but why would you even it. >> why weigh into this and thene why say i'm not trying to dog this and a but that's what you're you're stirring it up because when you walk around with --ith >> for your personal gain to geg the attention.ti >> you're getting the attentionn this is what you're going togo get. you're going to get negativity.y get people talking about you all around the country maybe that ia
10:11 am
you can't be surprised if youedi get all thisness tiff backlashkh for the people who wear that tht gear you can't be surprised when you get negative back >> catering to population that thinks this is funny and don'tnd see the validity to the t movement. at the end of the day you havee to answer to your conscious and to yourself and you're absolutely right.tely r these are human beings whoseho lives have been affected tond trifle allies it this way.s way. check your conscious.. check your conscience.onscience. >> not just your bottom line. right? >> all right. allight >> 10:11 is the time.11 is the . still ahead at 10:00 from them t office to the loft, hollywood star john krasinski live to talt about his new movie and double duty he pulled off on the set. >> justin beiber follow throughg on his instagram threat. i'm going to quit if you don'tot stop and beliebers are crushed.d we'll have we'll check in with celebrityty dish next. next.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
♪ >> long before lebron there wash another king. elvis aaron presley.. he died 39 years ago today. the annual pilgrimage already underway at gracelandaceland celebrating the life and musicnm of the great elvis presley.. on a side note today the day t
10:15 am
a couple big names that died oni this day in history. >> my brother's birthday whichyh is why i always remember beingrg in hem where my dad is from on this day 39 yours ago.go >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday! doing a goodo job. >> 10:15 is the time it's timett to check celebrity dish.. >> i'm first.'mst. >> yes, you >> thanks, erin.rin >> justin beiber has gone nuclear in his war with fans f over ex-girlfriend selena gomez. yesterday we told you aboutbout justin's threat to leave t lea instagram.stram i'm just going to quit becausete of the hate that he and sophia ritchie yes daughter of lionelle ritchie were getting so heoe responded to negative commentsme by captioning one photo and it said quote i'm going to make mym instagram private if you guys g don't stop the hate. the h this is getting out of hand. if you guys are really fans, yoy won be so mean to people that i >> um-hmm.>> um-hmm. >> right. basically. what happened.what >> here's what happene
10:16 am
selena gomez took it upon herself to weigh on this hers h other ex-girlfriend.frnd >> she weighed in on it. >> erin, listen.. >> took time out of her day to t do it. i if you can't handle the hate h then stop posting pictures ofref your girlfriend and don't be mam at your fans.s. >> what?>> wt? >> um-hmm. so beiber has deleted hisis account following -- may it private following through on hir threat and deleted public pub instagram account. ritchie the girlfriend commentem on justimen shutting donsiestons instagram page saying justin isn't shutting out his bribe%isi he's thankful every day for ya'll. ya'll got him here.t hi h he doesn't forget that. period.riod >> nice. >> children -- shade. sha >> thank you.>> shade from selena. why would selena take it uponpo herself to jump. jum >> she wants him back.he wts h >> right. r >> i agree. >> i don't want you but no one e else can want you. y >> he is shutting out his bleak% --
10:17 am
because the new girlhi he's da g lionell ritchie's daughter wastw getting negative feedback. >> exactly. she jumped on.mped o >> he actually responded sayingg it's sad when your friends try t to use for some shine. shi >> these irrelevant and -- -- >> she's not irrelevant. >> not really.>> n a lover's quarrel. qua >> she's trying to get him back. >> selena just let me take thist hater aid.ater a. selena just saying what i havee been saying along. along cry me a river, you're aou're a celebrity. you don't want it get off social media. if you don't want nobody to says anything to it you're toooo sensitive not going places,la don't putting out records. shut it down go away stop crying and whining. >> it's not personal.s no any girlfriend would have gotten the girl who was in hisis underwear ads got death threatsa because she was with him. h >> this is sort of like that. >> it seems like his fans wantnn him back with selena. >> sounds like selena wants himh
10:18 am
>> can we move on from this this garbage that is justin beiber?e? >> far more important.mporta let's talk about something fareg more parent. let me take another s there's screaming, scandal and pda and parenting prep. the new series rob and china.hi >> they're doing it. t >> dropped and video includes vu everything viewers could hope forever hope for in a kardashiah spin off. off tm so much is reporting verynger little is not filmed withh cameras following rob and chinaa all around for up to 13 hours day, five days week.k. series premieres on sunday, september 11th. 1 >> let me just say this.stay t >> the 9:00 p.m.he 9:0p.m. >> what?hat? >> well played blac chyna. c well played. >> good for her g she went aftea this and she has got it. >> you're saying she manipulated the situation so they can getsot her own reality show.ty sho >> i hope she really loves rob.. >> i hope she really loves rob, too he chose to stay out of thee spotlight and because of she's doing -- he's doing it for heror and she's right up there. there >> rob is doing charity??
10:19 am
i'm saying rob is in love.e. and he did what she said i thini what she wanted the whole time.. because she --use she - >> to have the spotlight. thepol >> and to have the spin off and whatever.ever i will be watching. >> you know what she did? she e dove across the finish line. l she didn't do it fair but she wouldn't.. (laughter).augh >> i'm going to be watching than show. >> it airs september 11th at see 9:00 p.m.9:00 >> we're in. in. >> okay. >> good luck. goo >> how about this? let's take a look what's next.ext memorable wedding photos photo starting your pre wedding photog session when your father stops o one of the most famous people ii all of entertainment look att justin timberlake.rlake of course, dad begged him to to take few shots with the happypy couple and he obliges. oiges he's in the hat there. he apologized a few times. t they snap a few photos and a justin has to run because he hae another wedding he has to go to. >> he's not dressed for aress fr wedding.dding >> why did you say as if. you sf >> first of all, is that hert h dad. r he was there for a -- that'so got to be her >> it look like her dad wa coming over.ver.
10:20 am
wedding for his buddy.dy >> i dial it back. >> this isn't normal celebrityey dish. dish. we have only to say good job,, justin timberlake.ake stay on the wedding theme. pitch perfect stars celebrateded their upcoming nuptials, mini mn pitch perfect reunion. >> they got all got to go. to the brian bride and groomde g started the day separately.y. scaler posted photo of him and h the guys enjoying their time bye the pool maybe a little too much. mu anna and the girls had brunchh and posed for cute selfies.. finish the night off the entiree wedding crew got together for ar night of line dancing and fun. schuyler posed as adorable photo of the bride and himself withit the caption nailed it. what do you think? this is ahis joint bachelor bachelorettette party. >> it's kind of like okay.ike o >> good job.. congratulations.lati >> there is something tolls sayh on that. >> oh, no.>> oo lame. what's the point? it's not a? party if every
10:21 am
>> did you have a bachelorbaor party? oh, i did. did >> where did you go.ou >> we can't talk about that.t la >> you can't tell me the dietz.z >> no. wisdom of nashville. >> no.o. err rip, we can't talk aboutk ao that. th >> mark didn't want a bachelorhe party. i wanted him to have one. one did you have bachelorette.rette >> i sure did.e d >> where did you go.>> w >> i can even remember that'sree how good it was.w >> here's the thing.e's would you have enjoyed yourselfl if mark was >> no. >> that's what i'm saying.. >> that's not a bachelor orr bachelorette party. p >> if i get married bachelorettt party with alcohol. alc we'll all have a good time. >> really.>> rea >> it's national rum day. >> i've seen pictures online. i will show share the he's on the dark web but we'llel fine don't worry, wisdom.worr wis i'll only share with erin, i promise. still ahead a d.c. police. officer under investigation this morning for a street stop that went viral. vir and later jelly's last jam the star of a stage show going tow t join us live for specialpeal performance talk little jazz ana performance.ormance that's all coming up.g john krasinski with us as
10:22 am
we'll talk with him next. it's 10:21.
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪ suv as questions her fox5 f spoke exclusively with a womanim that the video. bob barnard live in northwestn t with what she had to same bob?sb >> reporter: hey, steve. ste she says she was here at this ti bus stop seventh and t streetsts
10:25 am
cvs pharmacy.harmac this was yesterday afternoon. a. let's show you the video tape.ap the lady who shot it says shehe shot this almost right when thee police got out of their cruisers you see the male officer holdini this woman up against the he's accusing her you can hear a on the tape of being ang a prostitute. she says no, i work in the area here.he he asks her age because she doed look young because she's small s in statue. she says i'm 32 years o he eventually drops her to the t ground and let's her go. her no charges.harg. no arrest.t. no nothing.otng we happened to run if this ladys about an hour and a half agogo here in this neihgborhood.ood and we asked her about the videv and what was going o here's her reaction. >> the thing about it was, whenw they just told me that it was a recording, and i'm asking, iskin said i wanted to see the video.. and i was -- i was arguing withw them when the police came overae when they came over and asked md what were you going on i toll t them don't touch me becauseeau you're police officer.
10:26 am
him not to touch me and when heh grab me on my arms, i said don't touch me. i never knew it was being recorded. >> some woman recorded this.ordh police depth has seen it andn i said they're investigating. >> that's harassment because yoy don't know what a person is out here fussing or arguing aboutrgu and when you see certain thingsi going on unfortunate just out the blue and assume somebody isy doing something wrong when i'mhn out here in work uniform you y can't assume somebody is doingos something wrong. clearly i'm in my work uniform standing on my work street 17131 there's no reason for then for t harassment to go on. period. >> reporter: you see we hot we shot her from distance she saids she would speak to us she didn'' want to be on camera.. she says she believes the reasoa the police approached her wasder because she and some othere anse people were yelling at a man whn was harassing a woman at the bub stop. that's what she believes.hashe i asked her when the police saye you can hear on the tape they thought she was
10:27 am
goes, no.goes that's not what she's doing outo the video tape shot by twitter r user known mac and cheeks c retweeted like 5,000 in response to her, the d.c..c police department put out thiss we've contacted the officer'sffs commanding officer and willnd wl continue to investigate thiste t matter. i have spoken to d.c. police.ic they say they're trying learn la more about the incident, license have more to say about it latert today.toda guys?ys >> all right, bob barnard thanka you for that.u fo all right.> al time now is 10:27.27 still ahead on good day, hee spent nine years in the officee and this morning he's upgraded.e now he's in the loft.he lof he's in the loft.he's in th coming up next hollywood a lister john krasinski joins us s live with a look at a brand newd movie the hollers he starred ini and directed as well.el he's sighting right t right. we'll be right back. he's sitting right there. >> hello. ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
>> you should really call more.l >> what's this.>> >> ice cream and pretzels. my mom's favorit we things.hi >> how about heart tax?ea >> is that one of her favorite things too. too. >> do you have a problem withvea me. >> why did your mom's nurse hit you.u. >> shows married to gwen.arri >> you're gwen.>>'r >> you look beautiful.ook tifu i don't feel anything for her ay any more, okay?? >> i mean she just had baby forb god sake.gosake. >> that's in the what i meant.ea >> all right. all right that's part of the trailer fromm the new movie the hollers itle i tells the story of struggling graphic novel list who has to move out when he find out hisis mother is facing a life threatening medical issue andue tends to happen he immediatelymd gets swept up in family drama da while trying to balance his current life with his pregnantrn girlfriend.rlfr. kevin mccarthy just saw that t movie and joins us now live witt more. >> i'm geeking out to be hereere with john krasinski the star anr director of the film the movie opens up september 2nd best known for nine seasons in
10:32 am
scranton playing in the office.c he joins us live now with his ws new moviely hour lars which hits theaters on september 2nd. >> yes. y >> john, it's so good to see.o e >> so good to see you. y >> how have you been man.. >> congratulations.gratulations you're director on this filmhifm obviously and starring in therrt movie. movie. what do you learn about yoursell as an actor as you direct yourself? are there things youg learn you like and dislike. >> yeah, you learn knot not toot screw up everybody else's take. when you're in there a scene ana film scenes in this movie peopll are doing unbelievable work. you begin hold your breath soldr you don't screw was that they'r' doing. it's really fun for me directinn was exciting because we didn'ted do a lot of cutting. cutti we would try to play it out as t long as we could almost like alm play it made people feel likeeel they were organically in thehe moment instead of me screamingsr cut in your face and going backb mind a monitor. he breaks the vibe. theib >> there's great line in the's g movie it's terrifying to findo n out this late in life what you should have done.ould >> yeah. >> very good line.ery go lin >
10:33 am
>> delivered by richard jenkinss >> who's fantastic in the moviev i'm wonder wagon that line mean to you as an actor obviously like margo's character isharaeri wondering did i actual dollarac the life i wanted to live. >> exactly.>> i mean i think that any dead poet society fan will tell you carp pi diem scene is real for season. season. everybody feels like you have te seize the day and make sure you're tryinang to do everything that's making you happy today t rather than saying you'll put ip off and i think that a lot ofatf people are, you know, this is a tough time to be economicallyca and otherwise and i think that'a what the character was talkinghr about that i think he had beened trying to make ends meet so farf in his life he had forgotten ton take time for his family.. >> if hypothetically tim from the office directed this movie this is not hypothetical this is real. >> how,, what decisions do youde think he would have made on the storciye .y >> will the more looks at themol camera for for s look directly in the lense atene all times much that's what he would have said.d ve sai >> breaking the fourth wall. wal >> exactly.ct >> you have phenomenale ph performance in this film he isfi special
10:34 am
>> unbelievable. u there's a season she breaks dows i wanted to break down whilele watching i people who don't know the story line is your character motherot gets sick she has brain tumorinm that has to be removed she'll gl through surgery when shehe s realizes she's about to have the surgery she breaks down.own. >> yeah.>>ea >> i'm wondering when you're filming that moment, do you losu it behind the camera? >> i wasn't hundred%. everybody onset began to cryo that that's particular to margoo martin dale one of the beste on actors around we've ever had.rad she's such a powerful performerr and yet the sweetest nicest nics person you'll ever meet so ieeti think that when people bring itt like that, it's really emotionai and something that you can feelo in the room. t i think that she made it as real as we really did feel like reall family so made it very real forf >> as a film making fan i love v the way you shot the movie i was telling the publicist i love the tracking shot you have towards the end when your walkingng towards anna kendrick'sk's character.. the scene when you're swinging on the tire. >> yes.
10:35 am
movie people haven't seen it yet he's swinging on the tire and on the third swing it cuts -- yousy fall in the >> y. >> did you time that or a happyh >> no we timed it.>> no imed it. you're giving away the movie the magic.gic that was a rigged rope that wass a rigged stunt rope and so thatt i got to trigger it whenever ivi wanted to. t but it was very sensitivetive trigger. so everybody as i was swinging out i sea saw the crew in myn periphery oh, my god, at any time i could have triggered itgd to do it when i was on land anda hit tree. >> which would have been funny,y too. >> it would have been awesome.n you were in 13 hours. >> yes.>> yes >> phenomenal film. fm. benghazi attacks and great filmf when you take on roles thats t emotional and rolls that arere this emotional hear does it i affect you when you go home atua night? obviously you have a y v family. you have wife.yo you have a kid.have aid. >> um-hmm. u >> does it affect you when youec go home at night when you takehk on deep >> for me it doesn't affect me directly as far as affecting mym family or anything like that.eha i think in the moment you justot try to get
10:36 am
precise in how you feel becausec i think everybody look we all gl through difficult times and ifit think you have to tap into thost times when you're doing scene. e but i'm one of those guys whos tries to as soon as those scenee are over make joke or go over tr craft service and eat m and ms or something.ething >> one thing i find fascinatingg obviously you're married to an actress emily blunt can't wait'i to see the girl on the train. t. >> you've seen it already?e se >> yeah it's unbelievable.iebl >> once much perks guys.s. >> married big actresses and yoy get to see movies >> how does that work? you go g to a cast screening?ng >> no. they had a screening for heror h that they usually show the showe people who are in the movie arei before it comes out to make sure they're happy with it, and wey i went and saw it and i was ias extremely happy with it.wi i'm so proud of her it's one ofn the best performances she's evee done if the not best b performance.perf >> when you are married toyou actress and you make a movie dod you show it to her and does thii look okay, do you think this isi directed right? do you go too o her for vice >> absolutely. it's not really about lookingy b this and cut and things like thl that. it's about the same things that
10:37 am
well which is what do you feel?? are we achieving what we want tw do chief like you said and and emotional moments between fami family. i don't like manipulating m audianences. i want people to feel you f because they relate to their rtt family or their mom or any troubled time they've gone through that's why i think thisi is movie is i just wanted toto tell a real honest and story off familiar guilty i save thisave t question for laugh.ques i want to know the answer. >> great preface to this prece t question.on. >> your name is real life isl li john. >> your character's name isacte' john. >> yup. does that help at all having tht same name as the character iner helping you act?g you ct >> not a stupid question andrewe it's perfect. >> it was a weird thing the thi script was written i didn'tidn' write the script. >> did you call me andrew. cal >> did i? i'm kevin. kevin >> oh, my god, kevin.. >> andrew kevin. andrew, john john. j sorry, john the character called you andrew.u drew i'm sorry.. >> it doesn't affect it.ct i it was weird we actually talklly about it for a long time about a having the character be my sames name and would
10:38 am
people to watch.atch obviously it wasn't weird fort you. it shut down my brain downin don enough to call you andrew.w. you really freaked me o >> john, i love you man. >> good to see you kev. youev. >> the movie opens up septembe september we'll continue our interview onr facebook life. l you can go to fox5 d.c. facebook september 2nd he directed thehet film also got to mention copleyy phenomenal in the movie richard jenkins and margo martin dale.a. >> thanks it jason.ason >> so good to see you mark. mar >> you don't get to do that. tht >> no, kevin. >> hollars hits theaterser september 2nd.. >> at least andrew mccarthy is s not a bad fall back. >> that's where i was. that's wa in the andrew mccarthy world.y r >> still ahead another 10:00 o'clock, the main man behind jelly's last game jam will be with us. the show is at the signature theater now throughhrough september we'll have performance on then t other side of the break. bak >> all right. all >> mike mccarthy is funny whenuw he does those inter views. >>♪
10:39 am
10:40 am
today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. ques...are my teeth yellow? ...have you tried the tissue test? the what? ... tissue test! hold this up to your teeth... ...ugh yellow... i don't get it. i use whitening toothpaste. what do you use? crest whitestrips you should try them! whitening toothpaste only works on the surface.
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10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
♪ ♪ (applause). >> hi.>> hi. >> hi. allison, mark meadows and you'rr allison seymour.ur see how i did that. that i flip it.flipt. >> mark, n
10:45 am
>> nice to see to you.o you >> you play jelly role. >> yes, ma'am., ma'am. tell me about complicated jelly role morton was a man r >> he was complicated man.ated m he had a very rough up bringing he played piano in brothels as a teenager and got kick out of hih house because his creole family banished him since he now he waw hanging out with locally blacklk people learning the blues. b >> you never really embraced hii blackness really?acknesall >> that's the thing he neverer really em brave. bve. he thought since he was crowe wc yoel he would be treated he woue differently when he moved to neh york he realized that creolee she'll.she' you're white person, you'ren, yu black person treated as such.uc >> what's undeniable his talent. we said earlier. one. founding founders of jazz ins on fact some people call it creatoc of the sound. >> yeah.>>eah. no one can call jelly roleol morton the creed eighty eight oo i don't see because just liket e genre it comes from blues, comec from gospel comes from slavery e but he is definitely a father oo the music w
10:46 am
in combining what we now know aa the sound of jazz which it wasas walking baseline and the swingwi feel and the um promptness anded the stomp time. tim he's the first person that wroto that down. >> i'm glad you said all of course, i remember when therr was a different actor gregory ge hines tap dancer playing jellyly roll back in the '90's in this h product. >> right. >> now it's switched up and you're jazz pianist yourself,ou, right. >> yes, ma'am. >> why did the creator of thisfi come to it from that way this ws time as opposed to putting a a dance.danc >> matthew gardner one of the te most amazing men i've ever knowo the director jelly last jam j signature theater had the geniuu idea or -- genius or craze so cs >> genius.>> genius. >> crazy idea of trying to findn a jazz piano player that could u play this role, and he founde fu that in me and i trust that hehh believes i can do it and i'vendi been doing the best job i can ic apparently it's been pretty go
10:47 am
>> if i know musicians first and for most i know that you've beeu studying for this your whole whe life. >> yeah. i mean -- >> you know. >> practicing the pee an nor fof an hour a day since i was five v years old.arold. >> how challenging is to channel jelly role.lly role. >> very challenging.eralle he's a different person than i p am. i've totally got to let myselff go in the role no pun intendeden and i -- i'm continuing to groww and compose this character thata is jelly role morton everynry single night.le nht. >> how has it been received? eie what's it like out there playini every night at the signature siu theater. >> it's so much fun. much n it so energetic the cast is dynamite.te. >> right. i mean dynamite. tap dancers the actors the singers. the story. it's an amazing story and amazing show, and it's just honor to be part of it.f i >> and for all of us here locall folk it's great because it's set in d.c. bar that was on u street.reet >> yeah.>> y >> black broadway back in theine day. >> right neck to ben next doorr where he played in theu
10:48 am
inn.n >> was that his last gig.ast g >> it >> in d.c. >> okay.>> okay. so mark meadows place jelly rolr morton come out seen him you'vev got until september 11th at the signature theater.ure eate tickets are available at sig all right.all righ >> thanks for coming in.nks >> thank you for having m. >> back over at the couch.e h. >> man, john krasinski at the ae office.offi jelly role morton.or >> good stuff. good uff >> good stuff. >> if you watched the show youho know we're in the afraid of aidf few beverages and today we'reode talking about national rum day.y and we've got some local flavorr as well. well. so we'll be doing some samplingl you know, some people mix theirt rums. some people actually sip theirir rums. rums >> is that right.?at r >> if you're to the familiarre t with that concept we'll tell yoe the difference and what you neeo to know. to k it's all coming up next.ex >> all right. ♪
10:49 am
it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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♪ stop. no good. what are you doing? you burnede all the food. foo the >> the rum is ine >> why is the rum gone?on >> one, because it is v
10:52 am
drink that turns even the mostht respectable men into completempe scoundrels.. two that's signal is over to uso seasoned feet high.thig do you think they're they're t slightest chance they won't seet it. >> why is the rum gone? >> that's a key question.n jack sparrow out of rum.f r we have plenty of it.. we love celebrating national nao holidays. last hour it was roller coaste coasters. we're raising a glass to national rum day.tial rum d joining to us help celebrate 101 rum collide is with us, erin isi with us who's a rum runner brand ambassador and bartender. barted good to see both of you guysou y here this >> here's what i break down myths about rum and you can fili in the blanks for us. bla we just saw jack sparrow there. we associate rums with piratesit and sailors.. >> and everything back in thein day. is that really the whole rum r thing came from. >> it's part of that history,to, legacy the founding of the new world.rld. the shipping trading of rum wasg a big part of trading and the colon saying of the new world so
10:53 am
the traders were doing sue garr, rum and slaves all part of thata triangle and so a lot of that t new world discovery that kind od equated to piracy and pirates aa lot of is based in rum as well.l >> let's take that whole worldlw and let's bring it right intoigo the center here in washington, d.c. >> okay. >> okay.>> o because aaron made us a drink dk right here.tere. what did you make? >> so this is classic daiquiri.. simple three ingredient cockta cocktail. rum, made with rum out ofth r dominican. lime juice and >> and collide, if you don't d mind i'll take a sample a sip. >> yes. >> i totally trust you. >> starts with a small sip and s becomes a larger sip. but it's early. ear >> the reason i ask you isou i because what is the relationshis between this drink and ournd o nation's capitol.apit >> the daiquiri was found inou n cuba and then was brought to new york by minor but in 1909 it finally came to d.c. due to t army/navy club and that's when it got popularity in the u.s.. because the
10:54 am
would come to the army/navy club and taste this great drinkat dri that's how it got it's it' popularity.po >> next time you have a daiquiri you're honoring washington, think of it that way. it th way >> yes. >> all right.ll r aaron what are you making now.ow >> we'll move on to classic standard cocktail the daiquiriar to a modern classic cocktailai called an old cuban.. what do you put in that. t >> very similar components of start off with lime juice,ce sugar, um, little bit of difference with angus bitters,t, aged rum, shaken up and strained out in a collins glass insteadns of using club soda refine manyin with champagne. chane >> i was doing to say i see the mint there as well.ell >> let me ask you this questionq now because you mixed the rum ar lot of times we think of -- of first of all, i think tropicalpa every time i think rum. rum >> yes. >> every time i go somewherei e tropical i bring back a coupleau of i do it because i'm there.'m the >> yes. >> we don't have to just mix it like, you know, your
10:55 am
and coke or whatever is we're making here because people sipps rum. >> exactly. one great thing about rum peoplp don't know rum is very diverse.e most people only experience rumr or through mow heat toes andtoea cuba lib bray's and daiquiri. rum is a diverse product were wr struck sipping rums. r >> pass it down. it's okay.. >> so sipping rums are becomingm more and more popular in americi as people are starting to becomm and more in tune and morey findf with the way they're drinking dn runs. runs. we have a couple of rums thatle we're using as sipping. the black barrel rum fromrumro barbados.os. and also poppa pilars24 a blend of rums name after earnester e hemingway from key west. >> if we are looking for a sipping rum versus a mixing rum is there anything you look for.. >> all rums can be zipped butn b it's a lot of people looking for --r -- >> how many of
10:56 am
first.firs >> a lot of people -- rum can bn aged as whiskeys and scotches.te a lot of age rums people arepeoe considering sipping rums ungetru dark rich colors you gettingettg from the barrel. bar >> we have less than a tell me about rum day d.c..c this is our fifth anniversaryiva great big party on sunday at jack rose which is excellent. tonight we have a special rumcir day daiquiri happen hour at quarter and glory. so it's dac car reece made with brugal from the dominican repan click and you can see that rum day >> i was going to say you can yu fine the information on rum day i saved you the hard stuff.. >> by the way shout tout oh touh black water on our zip trip whee we went to kent island and thiss is some maryland rum for you ass well. guys, thanks so much.uch. rum day at the website. we do appreciate.iat that. >> you don't want that. don wan i'll choose.ll choose. >> cheers! >> i'm good.
10:57 am
>> i'm a non alcoholic drinker.. >> cheers. >> thank you guys. tha >> come by any time. >> thanks for being on the show, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days.
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